Come and join us to play chess, analyze and kibitz in a relaxed atmosphere. The usual time controls are G/20 and G/15, but there's also a few blitz lovers among us.

The Bloomington Chess Club meets every Tuesday starting at 7:00 p.m. in BuffaLouie's (114 South Indiana Avenue next to Startbuck's) [see map].

Players of every kind are welcome; from beginners to grandmasters. Membership is not required.

Come out and play!


2014 Indiana State Class Championships

This year's State Class Championships were held for the first time in many years in Bloomington, thanks to the efforts of Gerry Roberts and the Indiana State Chess Association. The two-day event (August 9 & 10) had a total of 65 players and enticed former USCF members like Jim Davis to come out of tournament inactivity and battle over the board to claim top honors. Below are the winners for each class. Congratulations to all!

Master/Expert: Steffen Thieme

Class A: Andy S. Porter

Class B: Dallas Loven & Jim Davis

Class C: Arthur C. Wake III

Class D: Benjamin J. Pitchkites

Class E: Ryan O'Donohue & Daniel Chaim Larsen